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The new Righi line aims to confirm the winemaking values of our company’s founder, Gaetano Righi:

  • Selection of grapes in the vineyards of our members, who are present in the best areas around Modena;
  • Production methods that respect the environment (so-called integrated production, developed over the years by our agronomists, which dramatically reduces the spraying of chemicals in the vineyard);
  • Total control of the supply chain in order to protect consumers.

Righi is also the first wine producer to ensure traceability for every single bottle of its Lambrusco: a computerized system lets us know all the production data (location of the vineyards, soil type, cultivation technique, etc.) and the technical equipment used. This represents the real curriculum vitae of the wine in the bottle, a progression that leads from the selection of the grapes to the time of sale to the consumer.

Traceability, therefore, is both a way of working and a guarantee of quality.

Righi includes every step of the production process in this quest for transparency, from the selection of the grapes to the distribution and marketing of the wine.