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The success of the Righi project is the result of particular care for all aspects of the production process.

This strict care has allowed us to select only 246 vineyards among the more than 2,000 we surveyed in the heart of the production areas of the Lambrusco DOCs and of the white DOC Reno and Modena wines.

Territory, passion, and work: these are the values that make our company thrive and reach such amazing results.

The zoning process is the first stage of Righi’s road to quality.

This path stems from the belief that to make quality wines it is necessary to select the vineyards according to the two main factors that influence production: the soil and the climate.

The zoning project, which starts from a detailed study of these factors, has led to the discovery of ancient soils that are able to express their full potential through the vines, thus enhancing the wines’ personality and varietal characteristics.