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Pignoletto DOC Senzatempo

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Vino Frizzante
Metodo Ancestrale


A careful selection of grapes grown in the best areas of the Pignoletto D.O.C. zone


Grechetto gentile

Production Method:

In bottles, stored at between 15 – 17°C, the yeast starts to multiply as it consumes the sugar in the wine. This increases the pressure in the bottle to around 2.5 atmospheres. This process creates an environment that preserves the youthfulness of the wine and develops a pressure that makes it semi-sparkling. The yeasts, deposited at the bottom of the bottle, enrich the product by producing
the typical smell of bread crust.

Product Features:

The structure is complex and elegant, with the wine’s natural freshness softened by a slightly bitter aftertaste that is typical of grape variety, but which is less pronounced thanks to the roundness provided by the yeast. The wine has a more or less intense straw yellow color. It has a distinctly fruity aroma of apple, pear and apricot, with a characteristic hint of bread crust that is due to the natural yeast present in the bottle


11,5% vol.

Serving Tips:

To serve the wine at its best it is advisable to invert the bottle before uncorking. This allows the yeasts that have collected in the bottom of the bottle to mix with the wine. Serve at 10-12 ° C

Food pairing:

Perfect with soups, pasta dishes with light sauces, and roasted white meat.



Senza Tempo

Reinterpreta in chiave moderna le buone pratiche della tradizione enologica italiana per offrirti vini frizzanti elaborati direttamente in bottiglia. L’emozione di vini corposi e dall’aroma deciso per un’esperienza SENZATEMPO.